The question for the Christian young person should not be "Is it o.k. for me to go to the prom?". The question should be "Is it best for me to go to the prom?".

 There are several reasons why a Christian young person should not go to the prom.  First, the central activity at a prom is dancing.  Dancing is an activity, which by its very nature is a sexual activity.  Many will debate this assertion, but if this is not true, why do heterosexual men dance only with women and not with other men? Dancing is a sexual activity.  It tends to produce strong sexual emotions in its participants.  The movements of many dances are sexually explicit and are meant to imitate movements of intercourse.  Prom night is generally recognized as a night when many young people lose their virginity.  I believe there is a direct correlation in prom dancing and illicit pre-marital sex.

 The next reason that I think a Christian should refrain from going to the prom is the dangerous and illegal consumption of alcohol and drugs by minors that almost invariably takes place at most post-prom gatherings.   A Christian would feel awkward and tempted at one of these gatherings.  He or she would be better off not being there.

 Thirdly, I believe that prom clothing tends to be revealing and immodest.   It is very difficult to find a stylish prom dress that does not expose too much.   A Christian girl would have to be modest, so as not to produce lustful thoughts in her date or others.  A Christian boy might ask, "What does this have to do with me?"  He should consider the fact that there will be many girls at the prom dressed in ways designed to make him lust.  It would be hard for a Christian to be modest and pure at a prom because of the clothing that is worn there.

 Fourthly,  I believe that Christians damage their distinctive influence by their participation in something as worldly as the prom.  Christians might conceivably be able to attend the prom without sinning, but what about all the sin going on around them?  Many prom participants are not the least bit subtle about their lascivious motives or their other sinful intentions.  A Christian should not willingly subject himself to such blatant carnality and worldliness.  We become a stumbling block to disbeliveers and fellow-Christians alike if we condone, by our attendance, the worldly environment of the prom.

 In light of all these considerations a Christian young person should ask not "Is it  o.k.  for me to go to the prom?" but instead they should ask, "Is it best for me to go to the prom?"