What does the bible say about cloning?  And Humans acting as gods?

The Bible says absolutely nothing about cloning.  Personally we do not believe such is proper as God has given us a law of reproduction as recorded in Genesis.  To say the least it is a very dangerous route for man to take.  The cloning of animals has not proven very successful or beneficial as yet, we best leave human cloning alone because we may be setting ourselves up for human disaster.  As to man acting as god one is in very dangerous territory in so doing.  In Acts 12:20-23 we have an account of Herod accepting the accolades that he was a god, and because he did not reject such a pronouncement and give God the glory or credit he was eaten by worms and
died.  All of man's decisions should be made in accord with the Word of God.
God has given man the power to make laws and decisions but if one ignores the will of God he does so at his own peril.

What does the scripture say about artificial insemination?

The Bible has nothing to say in regard to artificial insemination, for the practice would have been wholly unknown to the people of either Old or New Testament days. From what one reads in the Bible it would seem that God considers procreation a sacred matter, that is, the result of the union of husband and wife bound in holy matrimony and not to be violated in any way. However, there are no guidelines for such a procedure. Therefore, since it seems to violate no scriptural principle one could conclude that it would acceptable to take the husbands sperm to fertilize his wife’s egg and then that be implanted into her body to grow and develop.

My daughter had this question at bible study and I could not find her an exact bible verse. Where in the bible does it speak against abortion and cloning?

There are no scriptures in the Bible on the subject of abortion and cloning as abortions were not done then and cloning was not something that was known until two or three years ago. There is one passage in Exodus 21:22,23 that indicates that an unborn child is indeed a person. In verse 23 when it says, "And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life" it means if the child that has been aborted dies the responsible party mentioned in the previous verse will have to pay with his life. As to cloning there is nothing we can place our finger on in the scriptures. I have grave reservations about the matter and I believe there are some unresolved ethical questions that must be dealt with. We are afraid that a can of worms is being opened when we start cloning human beings. We are not sure that God is going to look favorably on such a practice.